Dog Lover.
Dog Walker.
Dog Trainer.

Dog Lover.
Dog Walker.
Dog Trainer.

You love dogs?

Then we already have something in common. In 2009, I made this love my profession and roam with my pack through the Grunewald. Every week anew I make sure that the dogs romp through forest and meadows and really exhaust themselves. My working day is only successful when your dog is back home, satisfied and exhausted.

Another focus for me is also on the social behavior of the dogs. I make sure that they take care of each other more and more during every walk and sensitize them to their environment. Furthermore, I teach them the most important basics in dealing with humans and animals. For me it's a give and take, because I learn just as much from your dog as he learns from me every day. After more than 10 years as a dog walker and over 2400 walks, it was time to apply my experience and knowledge to dog training, of course with qualified training. So that Berlin's dogs are not only balanced but also well-behaved.

  • Dog communication and expressive behavior
  • Dog body language
  • The right diet for the dog
  • The dog as a member of the family
  • Dog first aid
  • Behavioral biology (ethology)

In order to be able to guarantee a professional-educational handling of the dogs, I regularly participate in trainings. These include courses such as:

My qualifications

  • Permission for commercial dog walkers Permission under animal protection law to train dogs for third parties (§11 Animal Protection Act)
  • Member of the BHD - the professional association for dog caretakers and dog walkers
  • Aggressive behavior in dogs (Ulrike Semmel )
  • The small print of body language (Gerd Schreiber)
  • Ontogenesis-behavioral development of dogs (Dr Dorit Feddersen-Petersen)
  • Sick the dog, sick its behavior- about the somatic causes of behavior problems (Dr. Sophie Schreiber)
  • Attention and eye contact (Esther Würtz)
  • Successful Recall Training (Celina del Amo)
  • Youth development ... when expectations, hope and reality collide (Dr. Ute Blaschke-Berthold)
  • Fast and effective training with plan: Practice-oriented creation and use of training plans (Dr. Stephan Gronostay )
  • Walking on a loose leash (Bina Lunzer)
  • Impersonation Behavior (Maren Grote)
  • On the road with more dogs Ursula Löckenkopf
  • Lovingly Limit - Give Freedom or Thinking in Spaces Opens Doors (Ursula Lockenkopf)
  • Body language of dogs (Gerd Schreiber)
  • Puppy development and nurturing. (Robert Mehl)
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